Ok…I want this. A WiFi Scale.

Ok…I want this. A WiFi Scale.

Holidays are here which means most of us will pack on some pounds from extra helpings of ham and plenty of toast. withings

For those looking for that extra motivation will like the WiFi enabled scale: withings.  It is as simple as a scale and as complex as a multi user weight and body mass index (BMI) tracker with web access.

They also have an iPhone app.  I thought I had seen it all, really.  A scale with an iPhone app.  Bravo.

Perhaps this is a little over the top, but having a no effort way to track your weight might be that last ingreedient to keeping to your diet.

The cost is € 129.00.

Hat tip to DailyBurn who has a free shipping offer and partnership with the service (you can pair the weigh ins with their fitness tracking app).

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