Twitter Slapped with a Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Twitter Slapped with a Patent Infringement Lawsuit

TwitterGavel001For the second time in a matter of months Twitter is being sued for patent infringement.

The first came from Texas based TechRadium who built mass notification systems for public safety organizations, the military, and utilities.

On November 13, Twitter were targeted again by Cooper Industries Plc, a Florida based company who are throwing an injunction at Twitter, ordering them to shut down the site until they pay for a license to use “Cooper Notification“, a product of the company’s.

Like TechRadium, Cooper Notification’s is a mass notification solution designed to protect, alert and inform people of exactly what to do before, during and after a disaster.

Twitter isn’t the only company Cooper is targeting. Everbridge Inc. and Rave Wireless Inc. have also received Infringement Lawsuits.

Twitter is no small startup now, with 100million in funding, these companies know there’s money worth fighting for. Expect many more of these in months and years to come.

via Chicago Tribune.

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