Hey Look, We Know Nothing About The Apple Tablet!

Hey Look, We Know Nothing About The Apple Tablet!

What is the Apple Tablet? It is beginning to take on the image of an anticipated Christmas present, only everyone has the same gift, and is at the same time wildly guessing what it might be. We have no idea, but we keep on talking about it.

It seems that everyone so wants Apple to build a tablet, (why I have no idea, we have all always hated tablet computing, and refuse to buy any other tablet by any other company), that we are willing to invent endless tales about just what they might launch. It is the proverbial group whiteboard, everyone just draws their own images and writes about it.

You know what, I would find it very comical if Apple had no intention of ever building a tablet. But, to their credit, we have been talking about it for so long now, they could have conceivably began the project after the babble, and completed it in its current hype cycle, releasing it just at the tail end of the buzz to massive clamor. Apple, I never said that you were not brilliant.

But until we have at least some new credible rumor, can we all be quiet? Sure, it’s fun that CNN Money did a piece on the tablet, right? Not really, it was hundreds of words of endless fluff that was a mere rehash of what we already knew that we didn’t know. Its two scenarios: “Coolest Device.. Ever?” and “Or the Fizzle May Fail?” were both so oversimplified as to say nothing.

The most telling point in the article came with this: “It’s supposedly going to make its début in the next few months, and you can have it for the low, low price of $600. Or $800. Maybe $1,000. No one’s really sure.” Uh huh. So, you have no idea if and when it is going to be launched, and you have no idea what it will cost. Well, given that you have no idea what it will do, or if it exists, having no idea what it will (maybe) cost, makes sense.

If we did have a price, that would be interesting; we would at least have something to guess from. Until Apple tosses a bone, if they ever do make a Tablet, then we can talk. Until then, can we all put our pants back on and sit down? There is enough going on the tech that actually exists.

Rumors and speculation are important, and fun, parts of technology. Especially in technology reporting and blogging. What is not fun is rehashing the same set of non-facts for the tenth time. Stop kicking the horse, it has expired.

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