Daughter finds Father after 30 years…by Googling herself.

Daughter finds Father after 30 years…by Googling herself.

Picture 2For 30 years, Dr. Becker searched for his lost daughter April Becker-Antoniou. He’d hired private investigators, been scammed by people claiming to be his daughter, and spent between $30,000 and $40,000 trying to find her.

Of the many attempts to find her, it was a simple website he’d created in her name that put an end to the thirty year wait.

Five days ago, Antoniou Googled her own name and found the website her father had created.

On the site Dr. Becker wrote:

Picture 3

She emailed him and Dr. Becker said he confirmed her mother’s maiden name, her birthday, middle name and some other specific details only his daughter would know.

On Antoniou’s Facebook page she writes, “you think I could have Googled that 7 years ago and saved myself the yearly torment. But, it all happens when it happens for a reason. I’m still in shock. I was at the point where I just figured I would never meet him. Glad I was wrong. And glad he was actually still looking, after all this time.”

Dr. Becker confirms he will not be seeking a DNA test. “I found my daughter.” Dr. Becker said. “I am finally complete.”


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