Publishing 2.0: What Would Apple Do?

Publishing 2.0: What Would Apple Do?

Although nobody knows when and where and how it will happen, most people agree that somewhere in the next 12 months Apple will launch a Tablet computer. That is enough to get everybody excited and fuel countless rumors.

The Tablet will most likely be a cross between a MacBook and an iPhone, resemble a Kindle and promises to do for the eBook industry what it did for the music industry with the iPod. We will see.

Below is a presentation by Freek Bijl (who previously did the popular “Web3.0 for dummies” presentation) about what this new device will look like and how it will take advantage of everything Apple knows, runs and controls.

So how exactly is Apple going to revolutionize the publishing industry? Will it save newspapers? Change the way we read, and pay for, books? And how will it affect blogs? Find out now:

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