The NY Times Devotes An Entire Section of Its Site to Twitter Lists

The NY Times Devotes An Entire Section of Its Site to Twitter Lists

Picture 4This is impressive. The NY Times has created an entire section of its site devoted to…Twitter lists.

The site comes complete with lists of knowledgable Twitter users (not necessarily NY Times authors) on a range of topics.

The microsite also includes a well organised table like system divided into topics and subtopics, with individual lists of topic specific writers you can follow. You may for example be interested in New York food. Click the Dining and Wine section then select “Eating in New York”, click to follow the list and you’re done.

If there are lists you think should be there but aren’t already, drop the NY Times an email [email protected].

That’s not all, the NY Times gives its writers their own space in an area called featured accounts complete with number of Twitter following/followers for each writer and links to their profiles.

Considering how long Twitter Lists have been available, this is marvellous work and a wonderful way to share some of the spotlight on not just their content but writers too.

They’re not the only ones jumping on the lists release. The Huffington Post has launched two pages utilizing the hot new microblog organizing feature — one focusing on health care and the other focusing on the World Series.

Impressive work.

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