Windows 7 Blows Past The 3% Mark – Knocking On The Door Of OSX

Windows 7 Blows Past The 3% Mark – Knocking On The Door Of OSX

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The market share tracking firm Net Applications have made it known: Windows 7 grew past 3% market share, and on a weekend day no less.

With Windows 7 moving past the three percent mark, it is quickly running towards surpassing OSX. The popular, quality, and wonderful OSX has been growing, and now sits at 5.27% total market share. Given the trend in the direction of Windows 7, it seems that in short order Windows 7 will overtake Mac entirely.

This is hardly a surprise, given how well received the operating system was, and the much larger total Windows install base. But it does attest to the fact that the hype that technorati gave to Win7 has indeed translated to actual sales of the software.

Most interesting is that the Win7 in fact first broke the 3% market share on a weekend day, which says quite a bit. Windows tends to do better on weekdays, when the working masses are at their desks using outlook. OSX tends to excel on weekends when people get home and boot up the Mac. Windows 7 broke the 3% mark on a Saturday, Halloween no less.

Expect Windows 7 to grow past the total OSX install base sometime in the next two months, if not before.

I want to make it plain, that I am not attempting to denigrate OSX. I merely want to point out that Windows 7 is doing quite well, and will soon be more popular than the install base of all the OSX versions.

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