Windows 7 Download Process Stunning Success

Windows 7 Download Process Stunning Success

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Who would have thought that Microsoft would be able to nail the operating system, and the delivery. It seems that the digital stars have aligned, and just that has happened.

When Windows 7 launched, with a download option being available to all, I fretted that it would suffer the standard kinks of a system attempting to deliver countless petabytes of data to endless users. I was wrong; the download process was far smoother than I expected.

Of course, there were some problems. The student download process, get Windows 7 for just $29 dollars tossed error codes at a number of perplexed students. Past that, to the best of my knowledge, there were no widespread problems with the download process.

Shockingly, the deliver-via-dvd’s method enjoyed similar success. Hats off Microsoft, you did it right. After Vista, the expectations were both very high, and very low. You outdid everyone.

We are on the hunt for data showing the distribution between purchases of Windows 7 that were via download, and by physical purchase. If you have that data, do send it to us.

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