The Top 50 Tweeted Brands

The Top 50 Tweeted Brands

Twitter has become a deadly important to companies for promoting their brands. Up until now, we have never known exactly which brands have been doing the best on Twitter. Thanks to the newly launched TweetedBrands, we now know.

Of course, some brands have been putting much more effort into their Twitter marketing than others, so this is hardly an effective way to track total brand popularity. Still, it is quite fun to see who is winning in the world of tweets, or at least the top 50.

Here are the top ten from the list:

Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, iPhone, MySpace, Apple, Blackberry, Fox, and Digg.

The rest of the top twenty after the jump.

11-20: Yahoo, Mashable, eBay, Amazon, Android, Disney, Microsoft, CNN, BBC, and Gucci.

TweetedBrands was built by the 24 hour business camp, a very interesting project to build a internet product in just twenty four hours. If you live in Stockholm, you should head to their next event.

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