Lists Coming For Everyone – What To Do With Them

Lists Coming For Everyone – What To Do With Them

twtterTwitter is in the process of opening the lists functionality to everyone at the moment. If you have been waiting with bated breath, keep your pants on, it is coming.

Follow @nk for live updates of the process.

To help everyone who is just getting lists today acclimated quickly, we took a poll this morning as to exactly what people are using lists for at the moment. You can still get a vote in here, if you would like. Instead of dithering about, you can follow the best tips and save yourself time.

Quickly, lists are the biggest piece of functionality that Twitter has released in recent memory, other than a few servers to help keep the service online. Uptime should not count as a feature. Lists let you add selected users to a named list, which people can the follow. I, for example, am on several technology and atheist lists. People like @scobleizer are already on a thousand lists, if you can believe it.

Here are the results of our very scientific poll: “what are you using lists for?” We will be updating the data as more votes come in. Happy listing! Data after the jump.

lists 1

lists 2

lists 3

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