Want some Layar numbers? Here they are!

Want some Layar numbers? Here they are!

layarMuch has been written, said, YouTubed, Twittered and whatnot about Layar, the Dutch startup that has created an augmented reality browser platform for Android and the iPhone OS.

Today, at eComm Europe, Layar’s Cofounder Claire Boonstra presented the latest operational numbers.

Given the vast interest in Layer among our readers, we thought we’d share:

  • The augmented reality browser has been downloaded 370.000+ times.
  • The iPhone application alone that has just been released October 14th accounts for 150.000 of the total downloads. So it’s 150.000 in less than 2 weeks.
  • Android Market users rank Layar 4.45 out of 5 stars.
  • Layar has recently served 1.000.000+ views in 1 week (layer POI requests).
  • 1450+ developer keys have been granted and Layar is starting to see a vital third party market (companies that offer creating layers as a service).
  • There are currently some 180 layers live.

Last but not least here is the list of the founders’ most popular layers:

  • Dexigner
  • Mobnotes
  • The Gig Map
  • PeaksAR
  • Dove’s guide for Church Bell Ringers

If you happen to have an Android phone or an iPhone 3GS, go check these out!

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