Good News! Major clamp down on Nigerian scammers in place.

Good News! Major clamp down on Nigerian scammers in place.

nigeria-scam01Nigerian scammers may have finally had their day.  According to reports, Nigerian law enforcement are cracking down on the notorious Nigerian scammers in a program called “Project Eagle Claw”.

Having only just begun and not expected to fully launch until 2010, Eagle Claw has already shut down 800 scam sites and made 18 arrests.

“We expect that Eagle Claw as conceived will be 100 percent operational within six months and at full capacity, it will take Nigeria out of the top 10 list of countries with the highest incidence of fraudulent e-mails,” EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) Chairman Farida Waziri said Wednesday.

She also said the EFCC is fine tuning security modalities with Microsoft and upon full deployment, the capacity to take down fraudulent e-mails will increase to 5,000 monthly. Further it is projected that advisory mails to be sent to victims and potential victims will be about 230,000 monthly.

It’s become a sad fact that if you live outside of Africa, Nigerian and scammer have gone hand in hand. Along with email, social networks have provided an entirely new platform for them to explore and learn. Let’s hope this is really is the beginning of the end.

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