Twitter Revenue Found – Coming From Microsoft

Twitter Revenue Found – Coming From Microsoft


Remember that pesky 4 million dollars that Twitter was expecting to make this year? We had no idea where it was to come from, until today. You already heard the news, Twitter and Bing are now quite the hot couple.

Point: that 4 million is almost assuredly coming from Redmond to the Twitter HQ. Access to the firehose of tweets from Twitter cannot be free. If Twitter gave it away, it would be a gigantic misstep.

And who has both the money to purchase access, and an axe to grind against a market leader? Bing, of course. And with Bing, Microsoft can toss mud on its first or second chief rival, Google. Twitter must have had a fun time watching Google and Bing fight it out for access to the Firehose of tweets.

Assuming that Bing began paying for access this starting in September (for testing), we are looking a payment of about $1,000,000 monthly from Microsoft to Twitter. Not a bad start to the monetization of a social platform. Of course, Twitter has a long way to go to meet that one billion dollar valuation, but this is a very positive beginning.

Assuming that Twitter promise to work with more partners is accurate, all the major search engines will soon be paying Twitter. It becomes very simple to see Twitter’s road to profits, and to continued growth.

As long as they put some of that money to new servers, I will be content.

A big congratulations to both Bing and Twitter for bringing us the technology that we have all been waiting for in real time.

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