3D Lifestream is all kinds of gorgeous

3D Lifestream is all kinds of gorgeous

3D LifestreamThe ways you can display your online life keep getting more interesting. We took you through some of the best in 6 of the best Lifestreaming solutions, but things change fast on the web and this new one looks brilliant: 3D Lifestreaming.

This interface, only available in demo form right now, enables you to explore your lifestream in 3D. As you zoom in and out you move through time and can click to take a look at individual items in the stream.

At the moment it only supports Twitter and Delicious but this would be amazing if photo and video services like Flickr and YouTube were added.

It’s only a proof-of-concept right now, but this could turn into something really good if developer Nick Selvaggio continues to work on it. Imagine if services like FriendFeed allowed you to explore users feeds, or even serach results, in this fashion.

Lifestream Blog put together this screencast that shows the demo in action, or you can try it yourself.

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