Verizon to Apple: Eat This!

Verizon to Apple: Eat This!

Verizon is readying the launch of a new phone which it hopes will heavily compete with the iPhone. That is a very risky strategy that many have tried and few have survived.

Apparently Motorola has developed a new and exciting device called the “Droid” which will run Android and focus on everything the iPhone can’t do. In fact, that is their motto, with a website to prove it:

The Droid runs Android 2.0 with “excellent performance” according to first unofficial tests. It has a large capacitive touchscreen and a slide-out physical keyboard, is only  slightly thicker than the iPhone and it turns it into a “multimedia station” while docked.

This new strategy seems to work for Motorola. Reuters reports Motorola shares are up 8%. SO what do you think? Ready to ditch your iPhone and go for the “Droid”?

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