Couple Steals 23 Million From Cisco

Couple Steals 23 Million From Cisco

theftWhen you and your spouse go crooked against a major corporation, what are the dividends? Apparently if you go up against Cisco, you make 23 million dollars, before the government knocks you down a notch.

The FBI, the IRS, and the US Postal service indicted the couple on using more than 21 fake company names, and 80 personal names, to pull off the heist. I assume that Cisco had not been counting on this as a hit on their earnings.

The crookish team apparently had been submitting false claims against parts, then selling the parts once they had been received. You would think that asking for 23 million dollars in spare parts might raise a red flag at Cisco. You might be wrong.

The 33 year old man, and his 28 year old wife are now under custody. A third party, another 33 year old man is still at large at the moment. Until the trial (which seems to be set in stone), is run through, we will not know. It seems plain: steal five million dollars, no problems. Steal twenty million dollars, no problem. But, if you steal 23 million dollars, you go to jail.

Cisco shareholders, the hole has been plugged.

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