Apple Just Made It Easier to Chew Up Your Paycheck

Apple Just Made It Easier to Chew Up Your Paycheck

Apple has recently lifted one of the many restrictions placed on App developers (enjoy it, it doesn’t happen all the time). Now, developers have the ability to insert in-app purchases in free versions of apps. Now, not only will you be annoyed by the in-app advertising, but also the the developer begging you to pay for the premium version.

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In all honesty, I actually think this is a good idea and will save people enormous amounts of time fiddling around in the app store looking for the right app. With a simple click of a button, you can purchase a brand new app. Now, of course, for people who are compulsive buyers, this could be a big problem.

Developers can no proceed to jump with joy. With over 85,000 apps now in the app store (according to the app store Wikipedia page), this will allow the paid apps to have an incredibly higher conversion rate for apps and a whole lot more money in the developers pockets.

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