777 Free Copies Of Windows 7, Do You Get One?

777 Free Copies Of Windows 7, Do You Get One?

Do you like free software? Do you want a free copy of windows 7? Do you live in Europe? Good, then this applies to you. But before I can give you your free copy of Windows 7, a few more questions.

Are you a non-Microsoft employee, over the age of 18? Perfect. One last question, do you live in the small city of Zevenhuizen nestled in the Netherlands? What is that, you live in Paris? Ah, too bad. Perhaps next time.

That is right folks, Microsoft is giving away 777 copies of Windows 7 to Zevenhuizen, which in Dutch works out to the “seven houses.” Ah, Microsoft, the contextualism is revolting.

Still, chalk this up again to the endless drive by the Redmond giant to push their new OS in any way they possibly can. Microsoft is demanding that Windows 7 take off in a big way, right away. None of this “rehash of the Vista launch,” business.

I can name for you one part of the world, in particular, that is going to be using Windows 7 nearly exclusively. And that is the city of Zevenhuizen. Now, Microsoft, do that for Chicago, and we will be impressed.

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