Do You Tweet Straight After Sex? Apparently 36% Of You Do

Do You Tweet Straight After Sex? Apparently 36% Of You Do

twitter_facebookUpdating one’s status, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network has become second nature to most internet users. With Facebook  having grown to over 300 million active users and Twitter approaching 70 million registered users, updates to these networks are being completed via all types of devices and computer types.

Since the release of the iPhone and other smartphones, it seems (at least for me) that you can’t go two seconds without witnessing somebody tapping on their mobile phone updating their Facebook status or tweeting what they had for lunch. According to a study by Retrevo, addiction to social networks is a growing trend, at least to those under 35.

The study found that 27% of people under 35 would check their Facebook would check their Facebook accounts at least ten times per day. Over two thirds of these people (64%) equated this usage to checking their accounts whilst at work. Twitter was found to be the bigger draw when compared to Facebook, 36% of Twitterer’s checking their accounts more than ten times a day.

What would you say if it was found that 36% of users polled tweeted, updated their statuses or text their friends immediately after they had sex? It’s an interesting thought!

Retrevo’s study also highlights that most under 35’s are quite the risk takers, 40% of them choosing to text/tweet/check Facebook whilst they are driving, whilst only 9% of over 35’s admitting to doing the same.


If people aren’t checking their social profiles after sex, they are sneakily checking their phones under the table in a restaurant, whilst catching a movie or even when they are many miles away whilst on holiday. In summary, most under 35’s are quite the unsociable demographic!

So, the next time you manage to woo your better half into bed, make sure he/she isn’t reaching for their mobile phone, you could find yourself being the subject of a sneaky Twitter update or Facebook status letting all your friends know just how it was!

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