New release of Tweetdeck blasts out more awesome features.

New release of Tweetdeck blasts out more awesome features.

tweetdeck-logoTweetdeck, the most popular Twitter client out there, has a new release out with some pretty substantial improvements and features.

In summary:

  1. A New “New Followers” Column. A great way to see who recently started following you.
  2. Unique notifications for individual columns:
    New “detail” window shows the full text of an update
    Inline reply, retweet & DM from notification box – no need to open full TweetDeck window
    Position the popup notifications in any corner of the screen
    Define notification options on a per-column basis
  3. Keyboard navigation options now included!
  4. Memory improvements. Should now use 15% less memory.

After testing out all the new features, the most significant ‘initially’ appears to be the new notification options. The beautiful (albeit a little large) notification options are gorgeously designed and being able to select individually which columns require a more detailed notification, whether you’d like sound on or off is a welcome addition. Replying inline in the notification without having to visit the main Tweetdeck app will make life much easier for those of us trying to get things done yet maintain relations on Twitter.

Remember when I said notifications ‘initially appear’ to be the most significant new feature, well once you’ve tried the new keyboard navigation you’ll wonder how you did without it. Move left, right, up and down across the application and when you’re on a tweet you’d like to do something with, click space bar and voila, a bunch of options for you to play with, all easily chosen with a keyboard letter. Brilliant.

New followers column is a nice touch too and should help you get a feel for who new is interested in you.

Overall, a wonderful update.

Download the app here.

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