Google Docs Suffering From Performance Issues Following Update

Google Docs Suffering From Performance Issues Following Update

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We all were overjoyed when Google recently released new Google Docs capabilities, chief among them folder sharing among different accounts. However, on the flip side of the coin, there are now widespread reports of performance issues due to software bugs following the recent updates.

Users are having difficulties with file uploading, exportation, and printing from inside of Google Docs. It could be, as we have yet to receive official word from Google, that some of these issues are holdovers from the previous build of Google Docs, but it would seem that at a minimum the issues have intensified.

Google Docs, built from the purchased Writely, and now challenged for its life by Google Wave, has had a long storied history of buggy code, 500 errors and the like. However, in recent months the stability of the Docs ecosystem has improved, which throws the recent problems into sharp contrast.

Google Docs, of course, is the suite of lightweight office tools provided by Google for free to users, although companies using Google Apps for Business can in fact pay for the services.

There has been much discussion lately of the perceived, actual, and potential reliability of the cloud. Software solutions such as Mozy have been pushing the comfort envelope for file storage online. People have had similar qualms about the safety of documents stored by Google in the cloud. With disasters such as the Danger/Sidekick debacle fresh in mind, having more issues from a cloud base service is hardly heartening.

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