Firefox 3.6 Beta Now Available for Download

Firefox 3.6 Beta Now Available for Download

mozilla-firefox1I’ve had the pleasure of using Firefox 3.6 alpha for the last month or so and can without hesitation call it the fastest most reliable version of the browser yet – on a Mac at least. Today, Firefox releases the official beta of the browser, available for download here.

According to Download Squad, a couple of features included  in the release are: control-tab previews and taskbar thumbnail previews.

Mozilla said on Monday that Firefox 3.6 would carry support for web pages to read machine orientation details, if available on the device.  Although not included in this version, this will mean Firefox will be able to detect the orientation of laptops and mobile devices that come loaded with accelerometers.

It created the device API to allow users to work out if a mobile computer or phone is moving and what direction it’s facing.

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta, and if you’re really daring, take a look at Firefox 3.7.


Patrick Finch from Mozilla has left a comment stating:

“A beta is indeed available, but I would like to clarify that the Beta programme for Firefox 3.6 has not yet launched, this is a test build, not necessarily Firefox 3.6 Beta 1. has more details.”

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