relaunches with a new design and format relaunches with a new design and format

trati1Technorati had just gone live with the relaunch of their blog content aggregator and search engine.

Techcrunch have the scoop, but in summary, a few of the most notable changes include:

• A new top 100 blogs format with a focus on recent data.

• Publishers can publish content direct to, which provides a great opportunity of appearing on the sites homepage.

Search has also been greatly improved, with Technorati “giving much more weight towards authority and relevance over recency” according to Techcrunch.

Blog reviews. Technorati also includes the latest comments plugin from ECHO on each page, essentially providing a way for people to review and comment on specific blogs.

We recently wrote about how Technorati were slowly transforming themselves into a publisher in their own right, with their own content written by full time authors. A welcome post on the site itself confirms the report, introducing you Blog Focus, a daily roundup of the top stories as told by the bloggers of the world.

Aside from its public facing, Technorati the company, lead by CEO Richard Jalichandra, has striven to expand its other sales channels, specifically its advertising network that accounts for a large percentage of its enormous 25 million U.S. uniques per month. That is no joke.  ComScore ranks the site as the 5th largest social media property on the web, surpassing Twitter, as well as being in the top 50 largest websites on the planet.

While clearly plays a less significant role from a revenue stand point, what is evident is how highly bloggers (including ourselves) keep the site in regard. Its ranking methodology is still considered the most accurate, despite competitors like Twingly slowly making a name of themselves.

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