Popular Android app Layar now available on iPhone

Popular Android app Layar now available on iPhone

LayarLayar, the Amsterdam based company that brings augmented reality to your phone (we covered them from the start, including the launch of their API and the introduction of 3D objects) has an iPhone app and it’s live in the App Store.

Layar is one of the most popular Android applications so far, with over 75k downloads of their app (data from a month ago).

Co-founder Raio van der Klein also told me that 75% of the people that downloaded the app still has it on their phone. That is a huge number if you’d compare it to the 95% drop of rate for iPhone apps according to this research.

Layar is likely become a sure hit on the iPhone as well, although Bionic Eye did beat them to the punch with their own take on the augmented reality scene.

You can get the app for free here (iTunes link)

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