The Polaroid is Back. No really.

The Polaroid is Back. No really.

07d1473de864cf79_polarpoidYes, it’s back. The camera that no one realised they’d miss will be available to buy soon.

At a press conference in Hong Kong, Polaroid announced that they will be re-launching the One Step camera. Thanks to campaigns like The Impossible Project, a scheme to reinvent the Polaroid instant film after the company ceased its manufacture, has proved that there’s still a great amount of interest and demand.

The new Polaroid will manufacture a range of instant film products like the Polaroid 600 instant film, and also re-introduce a range of instant cameras including the “Polaroid One”.

In addition to film-based efforts, Polaroid also plans to produce a Polaroid “Three” – an instant digital camera that produces 4-inch by 3-inch instant digital photos. While The Impossible Project is set to release its first black and white version of the new Integral film in early 2010.

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