Google Event Tomorrow: First Insights Into Google Chrome OS Unveiled [UPDATE]

Google Event Tomorrow: First Insights Into Google Chrome OS Unveiled [UPDATE]

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If you live in the Bay Area, Google has quite a treat for you tomorrow. You should make your way over to their Mountain View offices tomorrow at around 6 pm, as Google is hosting an event around Chrome OS, with presentations and an hour for mingling with the Chrome crew.

If you can make it, you cannot afford to miss it. The event registration page is here [Link is broken, see update below].

The event, called the Front End Engineering Open House, will hopefully provide new concrete details about exactly what Google is up to with Chrome OS. The product has been shadowy since it was announced, with rumor and speculation akin to an Apple event surrounding it.

Everyone, most especially Microsoft in Redmond, is terribly excited about what Google is building. Of course, Windows 7 was built to work with netbooks, but Google might be attacking that market with its own specialized operating system.

Who knows? We will have to wait until tomorrow. But, if you want to see a few screenshots of an early Chrome OS build, head over here.

H/T Atul.


Google has taken down the sign up page. We could not relocate it at the moment, but will update the link if the event is not canceled. For the moment, do not count on going, it would seem.

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