Enterprise Friendfeed “Socialcast” gets an iPhone App

Enterprise Friendfeed “Socialcast” gets an iPhone App

Picture 3Enterprise Friendfeed and Twitter client Socialcast has been on somewhat of an update streak of late. The company recently gave its site a major update, showing off a cleaner gorgeous UI along with a number of other feature enhancements, the most recent being better notifications for groups (yes groups, just like Friendfeed).

I must admit to being rather surprised that Socialcast hasn’t received the press coverage it frankly it deserves. In my honest opinion, the application dominates in every aspect of what you’d expect from an “Enterprise Twitter client”, and yes, that includes outpacing Present.ly and Techcrunch 50 winner, Yammer. UI, functionality, usability, features and lets not forget the wonderful customer service, Socialcast really deserves far more praise than it currently receives.

Moving on, no sooner had competitor Yammer updated their iphone app, Socialcast releases their own. Although full featured, the iPhone app doesn’t include push notifications, something most of its customers will have been waiting for. That said, with email notifications included in virtually every aspect of the application, you shouldn’t miss them too much.

If you have yet to try out Socialcast, whether you are a business employee, owner or a lone ranger entrepreneur, it really is worth checking out. In fact we have just started using the application here at The Next Web and with good reason.

More updates to come once we’ve tried and tested the application. You can download it for free, from here.

(Note: if you missed our review of Enterprise Twitter clients from earlier today, see it here)

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