Twitter adds “report for spam” link to your profile

Twitter adds “report for spam” link to your profile

Spammer on TwitterEarlier today twitter launched a new tool to report spammers. Previously you could report spammers by Tweeting “@spam @spammer_account” and Twitter would look into it, or not. In the old system you could then Block that person too.

But that was an extra step.

Now, every profile has a “report ‘username’ for spam” link. When you click it you will be asked to confirm that this is really a spammer.

Lets see, following zero, followers also zero and 1786 tweets all in capitals? Yeah, I’m certain:


After you click the “OK” button the account is blocked for you and reported. You can even Undo your action if you feel remorseful:

Blocked and reported

Lets hope it will get rid of all spammers.

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