The Eee Keyboard “The Computer in a Keyboard”: launch is just around the corner.

The Eee Keyboard “The Computer in a Keyboard”:  launch is just around the corner.

Asus’ Eee Keyboard has taken another step forward to reaching my lap. After being announced at CES, no other real information, up until this point, has really been released about the product. The basic concept of being a keyboard with a computer underneath the hood has intrigued me but I was really looking forward to seeing what they could power they could pack into the device.

Today, the FCC has released the final specs as well as some revealing pictures into the deceiving looking computer. An Intel Atom CPU and 1GB of RAM chugs along under Windows XP with the option of either 16 or 32GB of flash storage. From there you have the basic laptop-ish features such as Ethernet, Wifi, 4 hour battery, the usual assortment of USB ports, and audio jacks.

Great, its running. But you can’t be expected to use this completely blind. For your visual needs there is both VGA and HDMI to output to any monitor or HDTV. But of course you can’t forget the  5-inch 800 x480 touchscreen that will allow you to fool all bystanders by looking like and insane person banging on an unplugged keyboard.

With this new concept, you can ditch of that bulky 5-year old desktop and have everything you need on the desktop. With a decent monitor and a wireless mouse and keyboard set, you could acheive a very minimalist setup with only a power adapter and video output cord.

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