Twitter In The 60’s

Twitter In The 60’s

What if Twitter had happened back in the days of peace, love, and free-falling LSD? The fine gentlemen over at Joy of Tech indeed have taken that idea, and applied the pen. We are unsure at the current moment as to their mental state, if you catch our drift, while coming up with this. Either way, the parody is dead on. This made the rounds a while back, bu we could hardly resists making sure that you got to see it. Take a look.

60s twitter

Of course, they lacked the technology to actually pull off Twitter in the 1960’s, but we can only dream of reading tweets from parents and loved ones, under the influence, as they were. I do wonder if it is still physically possible to tweet while under the force of hard drugs. Until I follow some new people on Twitter, I will never know. Thanks to @dmonzel for the tip.

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