One designer dreams of a more beautiful Facebook. This is his vision.

One designer dreams of a more beautiful Facebook. This is his vision.

Frustrated at the lack of innovation and, well, slickness of Facebook, Australian designer Barton Smith took it upon himself to create an entirely new look for the social networking behemoth.

Focused on creating a more  streamlined interfact, and enhancing the user experience and absorbability of content, Smith has created a video and designed screenshots for core areas of the site.

He explains his goals and the benefits:

“The home page features many new benefits: the publisher toolbar enables users to post content from any page within Facebook, saving time in navigating needlessly through profiles; the streams’ two-tiered filter (content type & content contributers) also creates a more coherent structure with the core elements retaining their position throughout most of the site; and the live feed displays a constant stream of all content posted in a users network, which expands upon mouse over.

Profiles also integrate with the system more seamlessly. Just as friend lists filter the stream by a select number of people, user profiles simply filter content to a single person, creating a clearer and more comprehendible layout.

The Facebook Publisher subsite is designed to support the growing use of Facebook as a primary form of contact as email once was. The separate address,, would be permitted in businesses where Facebook is banned, allowing users to send messages without the distractions of user generated content. The interface is a mirror of the publisher toolbar ensuring a consistent interface.

If you feel this is a step in the right direction, you can lend your support to the cause via a Facebook group here.

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