Apple to launch Mouse 3.0. Signs point to Multitouch and No Infrared.

Apple to launch Mouse 3.0. Signs point to Multitouch and No Infrared.

Engadget has uncovered a few drawings in a FCC document showing the bottom of a new Apple bluetooth Keyboard and mouse. Engadget, and AppleInsider expect them to be announced a soon as next week.

This new mouse would do away with the annoying little trackball that generally only lasts about a month or 2 before it stops working because of all the finger slime and dust that gets stuck inside the mechanism.

The new mouse will supposedly use multi-touch and iPhone-style kinetic scrolling which should be a huge improvement over the current design.

That is all very exciting but I also noticed something else while looking at this drawing. What is missing from that image?

Right, that little red eye that tracks mouse movement.

The first mice used little balls that rolled around and tracked movement. That was Mouse 1.0.

Then came infra red mouses that tracked movement by measuring reflecting light. Mouse 2.0.

This new mouse could very well be Mouse 3.o which doesn’t track anything beneath its surface but contains a digital compass to get its location. If that were true, the mouse could work on any surface, or even without a surface. Imagine a mouse that works up and down, to the left and right and in any direction possible.

Imagine the possibilities of a Wii like mouse by Apple that knows where you point it, where it is and in what position it is held. It could change the way you, ehm, Mouse around.

Get ready for Mouse 3.0

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