Is That a Server in Your Pocket, or…

Is That a Server in Your Pocket, or…

Earlier this year I wrote The Internet Connected Home and touched on how our tools are evolving to make this sort of thing a reality. Thanks to a piece in ComputerWorld, now I see the OpenBlocks 600 Linux server taking us a step closer to reality.

The OpenBlockS 600 is a Linux-based server from Plat'Home.While the OpenBlocks 600 isn’t quite the same size as an iPhone, at 5.2-inches-by-3.1-inches in size, it delivers the form factor we need for embedded servers in our homes, offices, even automobiles. It’s about the size of two iPhones stacked.

Power consumption of a mere 8 watts gives this server potential to really deliver power built right into our lives. At $600, we won’t see one in every refrigerator any time soon, but it’s the sort of technology that will power our smart homes of the next few years.

The 600 isn’t the first such micro-server from Plat’Home Co. Ltd. In the 16 years they’ve been in business, they’ve sold over 50,000 OpenBlocks devices.

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