Twitter to let you create and share User Lists

Twitter to let you create and share User Lists

Twitter ListsTwitter’s Suggested User List is a controversial resource that offers following recommendations to new users. If you’re on the list you can see a huge increase in the number of followers you receive. The trouble is, the list is curated by Twitter staff so the chance of getting on there is low.

There have been a number of third party solutions to this problem. Directory services like WeFollow allow users to categorise themselves to be found by others but an official solution from Twitter would attract a greater number of users.

Twitter has finally announced just that – an official way of recommending users to others. The Lists feature is still in testing amongst a small number of users but it’s looking promising. Once it’s live you’ll be able to compile a list of users and then share it publicly.

A couple of neat features are that lists can be made private if you choose and that users can subscribe to a list, presumably auto-following anyone added to it later.

This should be a good alternative to the messy and disparate FollowFriday user recommendation tradition that has emerged in recent months. We’ll let you know when Twitter opens it up to everyone.

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