Live @ FOWA in London

Live @ FOWA in London

International KillerI’m attending FOWA in London today. is an official media partner so we felt compelled (and honored) to attend. They have a great line-up including Aza Raskin, Dustin Diaz, Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Rose and Yehuda Katz.

I’m not going to live-blog this event but will try to get as many juicy facts away with me as I can and if I pick up exciting quotes I will make sure I tweet them so follow us on Twitter: @TheNextWeb

If you are here too do come and say hello and tell me your stories. I look like an international hit man according to Guido van Nispen (who made this photo).

Patrick de Laive is here too but I’m not sure if he wears his trademark white suit…

There will photos at Flickr.

The official FOWA website:

Check this interesting experiment called by @elliottkember Or you can follow live tweets about FOWA at Twitter Search:

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