The “Free Public Wifi” conspiracy!

The “Free Public Wifi” conspiracy!

Free Public WifiThis morning at the Airport, last night at the restaurant where I had dinner and today during FOWA: everywhere I go (where there is a little crowd) when I open my laptop I see that damned “Free Public WiFi” network trying to seduce me to connect to it.

They are everywhere!
And they never work, obviously.

But what DO they do and what do they have to gain by being everywhere?
Is it a bug? Or a Windows feature?
Or both?

Maybe it is a virus? A virus that sets itself up as a Free hotspot and then jumps to unsuspecting clients and hatches there and then sets up another hotspot?

That must be it. It IS a conspiracy!
I think it is the beginning of Skynet!
Or an alien invasion!!

I’m not paranoid, it is just that “Free Public WiFi” is out to get me!!!

(Okay, it actually IS a Windows bug. Microsoft Windows: giving us our daily dose of fun, bugs, viruses and crashes!)

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