3 great new tech podcasts that cover the web and social media

3 great new tech podcasts that cover the web and social media

New Tech PodcastsIf there was a Podcast Anonymous I would probably attend. I’m kind of obsessed as I listen to upwards of 20 different shows per week. Whether I’m commuting, doing work at my computer or exercising, I usually have a podcast going. I even have a system that transmits audio to my shower so I can use that 10 minutes to feed my podcast addiction.

Although I love all the podcasts I listen to, I’m constantly on the lookout for fresh new podcasts that cover the web and social media. In the past couple months I’ve come across three great new podcasts. I thought it would be worth mentioning them.

This Week in Google
This Week in Googletwit.tv/twig or iTunes Link (9 episodes so far)
cloud tech news | audio | weekly
This is Leo Laporte‘s latest addition to his TWiT Network. Leo, Gina Trapani (founder of Lifehacker) and Jeff Jarvis (author, blogger, professor) as well as other guests talk about all things Google. However, the show is not just about Google as it covers a variety of cloud based topics. I highly recommend this show if you’re a big user of Google or want to hear about the latest news in cloud computing.

Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Daybadhair.us (11 episodes so far)
tech & web news | audio | weekly
This is a great new podcast hosted by Dave Winer (blogger, entrepreneur, developer) and Marshall Kirkpatrick (lead writer at ReadWriteWeb). Dave and Marshall bring on different guests each week to discuss the latest tech and web news. What’s great about this podcast is it discusses the latest news but in a big picture context. The show also has great guests. My favorite episode so far was episode #9 which included an interview with Joe Hewitt, the developer of Facebook’s iPhone app.

This Week in Startups
This Week in Startupsthisweekinstartups or iTunes Link (18 episodes so far)
interviews with entrepreneurs | video & audio | weekly
If you’re into the web and social media and the companies out there making it happen, this is definitely a show not to miss. The show is hosted by Jason Calacanis (founded Weblogs, currently CEO of Mahalo). It is a long show (2 + hours) but always has great guests and insights into entrepreneurship and startups. Past guests include Keith Richman (CEO of Break Media), David Sacks (CEO of Geni and Yammer) and Matt Mickiewicz (founder of 99designs and SitePoint). What I love about this show is that it’s informal. The informal nature is great as it surfaces many anecdotal stories which are always the most interesting.

If you have any great new podcasts or just want to share some of your favorites, we would love to hear from you in the comments.

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