Move over Segway (again) and UX-3 (sideways), here comes the Yike!

Move over Segway (again) and UX-3 (sideways), here comes the Yike!

Yesterday I published an intriguing video of a new personal transportation device by Honda called the UX-3. It was just a concept video and not for sale. Today I found the Yike, which is for sale now, which might be even cooler. Check out the specs: carbon frame, weighs only 9.8 kg and can carry 100 kg (you AND your girlfriend?) and it has a leather seat and led lights. It has a range of 10 km and you can recharge it in 30 minutes.

The manufacturer claims it is the ‘worlds smallest, lightest electric folding bicycle’ and you can get yours for €3500 to €3900.

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