BrandBucket provide premium brandable domains at fair prices

BrandBucket provide premium brandable domains at fair prices


Naming your company isn’t as simple as it once was. Back in the day, as long as there wasn’t an established brand in your vicinity, you essentially had the pick of the lot. Nowadays, it’s difficult to ignore the notion that your customers and competitors may not take you quite as seriously without a .com domain. After all, if you’re thinking big and want a global brand, a .com URL is near essential.

If you’ve set up a company before, you’ll know the agony of finalising the company name. Finding something that not only sounds and looks good, but also has a .com (or at worst .net) URL available. If it’s a one word brand, you’ll struggle and possibly find it impossible to find anything remotely suitable.

At this point it might just make sense to work backwards and discover a list of URL’s that you know you can definitely acquire, and select from those what ultimately becomes your brand name. That’s how BrandBucket works, the site provides a number of premium domains at fair prices, along with a logo you’re free to use if it picks your fancy. The site displays URL’s and logos that range in price from $495 to domains in the “request price” neighborhood.

BrandBucket’s search functionality is pretty neat, letting you search by price range, theme or number of letters. The site also offers user-friendly tools like a free, downloadable spreadsheet where users are able to rank the strengths of a brand name for a domain. The spreadsheet uses a point system to determine the total brand score under criteria such as word length, top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, etc), and spelling.

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