The Java Baloon Project – the Highest Twitter Client in the Room

The Java Baloon Project – the Highest Twitter Client in the Room

A Romanian team just experimented with sending automated tweets using an iPhone and a Helium balloon during the Romanian Webstock conference.

The idea was pretty simple: get a regular balloon Helium filled, attach an iPhone using a custom application and set it free. Well, not really free because it was flying in the conference room only.
The iPhone took a picture at one minute interval and posted it automatically to Twitter. To see all the pics go to the project page.


They are also offering the source-code of the custom iPhone application (Objective-C), free of charge (MIT license). Just ask them.

This reminded me of these students from MIT who did the same (Project Icarus) but at a higher scale and using a photo camera instead of an iPhone.
They managed to send a simple Helium filled balloon into the stratosphere (18 miles high) equipped with a point and shoot photo camera which got some amazing pictures of the earth’s curvature. All for a mere $150 budget.

See some of the results below…


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