HTML Poetry in motion…

HTML Poetry in motion…

In 1996 I first got online, browsed around the web and discovered ‘homepages’. Within a few minutes I knew I wanted to have one myself. I asked around and was told I would have to learn ‘HTML’. Five minutes later I was on my bicycle for a 30 minutes drive to my local bookstore. They had exactly one book about HTML so I bought that. About an hour later I had a text document in front of me and, following the guidelines in my new book, entered my first line of code: <html>

If was a defining moment, a turning point and things never were the same after that.

If the above experience sounds slightly familiar and you too have spend much of your life looking at, and working with, HTML you will appreciate the following page.

At first sight it won’t look like much. But take a look at the HTML source code and you will see it is a work of beauty. As the folks over at WordPress say “Code is poetry”.

This certainly is.

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