Know all those Retweet Buttons across the web? Well now Facebook has one.

Know all those Retweet Buttons across the web? Well now Facebook has one.

It’s no secret that Twitter has grown enourmously over the last year, and along with its rise to success, a number of equally viral tools have prevailed, one being Tweetmeme.

Tweetmeme’s sole purpose is to track the number of retweets a particular page has received on Twitter, and to help editors enourage retweeting, Tweetmeme’s retweet buttons have found their home on a number of prominent sites, including ours.

Today sees a similar tool launch for Facebook. It’s called Facebook Sharecount.

Picture 2

Facebook sharecount is inspired by the popular Retweet buttons and is built by the team behind on top of their new data API.

The tool displays the number of shares and on hover the total number of clicks for those shares, displaying the Facebook logo when 0 shares. Provides a large or small button, and currently tracks the shares from the button using your API Key or links.

We have a few questions of our own, including:

  • Whether the service plans to support “Facebook Likes”, that would make a lot of sense.
  • Whether the service support non API URLs.
    Answer: No, they don’t.

If you have any you’d like to ask, make sure you pop them into the comments section below.

    To install, find the code here, or if you’re a wordpress user then download the plugin here.

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