Pretty impressive interactive installations @ Microsoft

Pretty impressive interactive installations @ Microsoft

Microsoft recently moved their Entertainment and Devices division into 4 new buildings and then asked design studio MODE Studios to come up with something interesting to lighten up the atrium of each building.

The installation uses a transparent LED system called curveLED which houses transparent LEDs. That way, the banner is both transparent and can show imagery.

The installation is equipped with sensors both inside and outside the building that analyze traffic patterns, weather and thermal patterns. But there are also sensors within the building and an unmarked hotspot where you can interact with the installation by waving, making sound or being hot or cold.

The result is an ever changing image that keep employees distracted from their work all day I’m sure.

And if you are wondering what MODE Studios used to make this unique work of art I’d suggest you skip right to the 00:58 mark. ;-)

UPDATED: guess someone wasn’t amused that we gave some attention to that white MacBook so they cut it out and replaced the movie. I should’ve seen that coming and made a screenshot…

Microsoft Interactive Installation from MODE Studios on Vimeo.

via Istartedsomething.

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