Deep Facebook Fan Page Integration Comes to Seesmic Desktop

Deep Facebook Fan Page Integration Comes to Seesmic Desktop

Picture 10If there’s one thing admirable about Loic Le Meur’s social aggregator Seesmic, it’s the combined agility and speed the company seems to respond to user requests and add new features, often by the week. Today sees Seesmic reach version 0.6 and integrates Facebook fan pages for pages you follow and admin.

Along with being able to keep up to date with your favorite companies and public individuals, the integration allows for posting across your own personal accounts and fan pages, especially useful if you maintain or follow one or more fan pages.

The release also includes a favorites column where you can view your favorite tweets/messages, along with a neat reply to all feature and a partnership with photosharing service YFrog. The partnership means YFrog becomes Seesmic’s default photosharing application across its desktop, web and future mobile applications.

Seesmic recently abandoned its initial goals of become a video conversation startup and committed itself to becoming a social aggregator. The company may have just made the right decision at the right time because despite strong competition from the likes of Tweetdeck, the San Francisco based company also announces a milestone of 2.5 Million downloads of their Desktop application, an impressive feat by any measure.


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