How to keep using Google’s Doodles forever

How to keep using Google’s Doodles forever

Google DoodleGoogle’s ‘Doodles’, the special versions of its logo that it runs for special occasions, are sometimes works of true art so it’s a shame they’re only ever used for one day.

A new Greasemonkey script makes it possible to permanently change Google’s logo to any Doodle you like. ‘Favorite Doodle’ (available to download here) allows you to choose from the vast library of past doodles. Even better, it will still switch to show you new doodles on days when Google has them live on its homepage.

To use the script you’ll need to be using Firefox and have Greasemonkey installed. Once you’ve sorted that out, you’ll be  in Doodle Heaven.

The script appears to have been developed by a Google employee but is not an official Google project. A version for Google’s Chrome browser is planned for when Chrome supports user scripts.

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