Round Up of this Morning’s Startup Presentations at TC50: Session 1: Youth & Games (Updating)

Round Up of this Morning’s Startup Presentations at TC50: Session 1: Youth & Games (Updating) ...

Picture 1Penn & Teller Chat Magic iPhone App

TNW Rating (6/10)

“It’s not so much a money maker as much as a public service to get guys laid.”

A tool for fooling your friends into thinking they’re texting Penn or Teller direct, who then answer with smart-alec remarks and the punch line to an amazing magic trick. It works 24 hours a day with different replies (and different levels of courtesy) depending on the time of day or mood you find Penn or Teller in.

Download iPhone app Here for £1.19 / $3.00

Story Something

Picture 2TNW Rating (8/10)

Going into Private Beta in a few days, StorySomething is a new online community that brings personalized stories to 3-8 year olds. Storysomething provides busy, time-starved parents with a powerful, meaningful and fun way to connect with their children through stories and storytelling. Professional and amateur authors use Storysomething’s Author Center to reach and engage with their audience directly.

Visit StorySomething here.


TNW Rating (7/10)

Picture provides a suite of engaging and enjoyable Web-based learning activities. The Mexico based company aims to empower elementary school students all over the world to connect.

Currently focused on Spanish language in South America with plans to expand into English and Portugese, is a fully integrated educational project that serves the needs of both students and teachers. Through its three platforms, Students platform, School platform and the Virtual World, empowers elementary school students to learn, to grow and to interact in a single learning community.

The platform offers hundreds of videos, interactive activities and mini-games presented by a topic manager that guides and monitors individual progress, as well as a full suite of collaboration tools that take students to an even higher level of social interaction.

Visit ClaseMovil here.

Toons Tunes

toonstunesTNW Rating (8/10)

Tween world about music, Garage Band meets Club Penguin. Toons Tunes combines social community with the ability to create and share music and enjoy music made by others.

Playing games and making music earns rewards for your avatar, while utilizing music-sharing features gives players a chance to expand their audience through email and social networks.

Aims to spread the word virally via email and social networks. Business models: premium, sponsors and selling Toons Tunes offline.

5 person company and internally funded.

Visit Toons Tunes.

Seal Tale

TNW Rating (4/10)

Picture 4

Sealtale aims to promote branding allowing users add badges to blogs and websites.

If you’re a TheNextWeb fan. You could find a TheNextWeb badge on Sealtale and add it to your blog and social network profiles. If it doesn’t exist yet, you could build your own. You would then also be able to connect to other users with the TheNextWeb badge and share your similar passions/interests.

Visit Sealtale

More to Come.

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