Amazing native 3D graphics are coming to your browser (Video)

Amazing native 3D graphics are coming to your browser (Video)

WebGLHTML5, the new standard in browser technologies, continues to impress. As well as enabling services like Google Wave to work magic on your screen, the Canvas tag will allow new graphical capabilities to be unleashed within your browser.

Imagine hardware-accelerated 3D graphics within a web page without any plugin required. “Awesome” doesn’t even do justice to the kinds of new web page designs this could usher in. WebGL from The Khronos Group is the standard that’s making this possible. It’s just been given initial support within the developer builds of the Webkit technology that powers browsers like Safari and Google Chrome.

If WebGL gets adopted by Mozilla and Internet Explorer we’ll be looking at a spectacular new wave of browser-based gaming and interesting new navigation systems for websites. For a taster of the power of WebGL, take a look at this video.


[via Download Squad and Slashdot]

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