Helvetwitter: Have you ever seen Twitter look this beautiful?

Helvetwitter: Have you ever seen Twitter look this beautiful?

First there was Jon Hicks’ Helvetireader, then Ad Taylor’s Helvetical, now there’s JosFrichter’s Helvetwitter. A complete revamp of Twitter.com, using userscripts, removing virtually every element from the sidebar to the top navigation. All you get is the Twitter stream, and text field. Gorgeous, although I would love to see avatars in there.


Before installing, Jose notes the following:

  • The userscript reloads page every 5 minutes. If it reloads at the moment you are writting a tweet, it will get lost, unfortunately. I may write some javascript test for the automatic reload to prevent it.
  • During reload, you may see the original ugly Twitter css for a second.
  • Twitter’s css files are far from being clean and easy to understand. Thus my css based on them are far from perfect too. Although I have not encountered problems during 1 month of using it, there may be some.
  • I have not tested anything but the very basic Twitter functionality.

To install, ensure you have Greasemonkey for Firefox installed or GreaseKit for any webkit browser such as Safari. Then click here to install the main userscript.

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