Monopoly is going online thanks to Google and Hasbro

Monopoly is going online thanks to Google and Hasbro

logo-mr-monopolyToy giant Hasbro is partnering with Google to produce an international online version of Monopoly.

Thousands of players across the world will compete with each other and can choose to buy any property in any country in an attempt to become a virtual, international property tycoon. Each address can only be bought by one person and players then build on their plots to earn rent.

The free game, which has no real cash prize, is being run to promote the new 3D Monopoly City game.

Hasbro says: “It’s a chance to escape the harsh reality of recession and enjoy building up an empire.”

Players start with three million Monopoly dollars and Rent is paid automatically each day, from 50,000 for a house to 100 million for a skyscraper.

As well as the usual houses and hotels the online version also allows them to build skyscrapers and football stadiums. Players can also ruin their competitors games with the “chance card” by building prisons, rubbish dumps and sewage works on their streets.

Sadly, the global game runs for only four months starting on September 9. Presumably, if the game takes off, we’ll see it become a permanent fixture online.

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