Gmail gets its game on with gorgeous new ‘High Score’ Theme

Gmail gets its game on with gorgeous new ‘High Score’ Theme

Gmail High Score themeGoogle’s Gmail introduced Themes late last year, allowing you to completely change the look of the service. If you’ve grown bored of your chosen theme there’s good news; Google has just introduced four new designs.

Far and away the best of the bunch is ‘High Score’, which turns your email account into a retro gamer’s paradise. Super Mario Bros-style hills line the top of the screen, while the Google Talk user icons are changed to Space Invaders.

Aside from that there’s Orcas Island and Turf, two themes focused around the natural world, and Random which (as it sounds) picks a random theme if you can’t decide which one you want.

gmail gtalk high scoreThe great thing about many Gmail themes is that they change over time. Orcas Island, for example, displays a different image from the island in Washington State every day of the week.

It appears the High Score theme will also alter depending on the time of day, which is a nice touch.

To access Gmail themes, choose ‘Settings’ at the top of the screen and select ‘Themes’.

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